Sunday, October 26, 2008

I can't quite put my finger on it, but...

Aloha, BAYA!

I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts that have floated through my mind this past week. And I noticed that it's been about 6 months since a post! And a lot has happened like graduations, Costa Rica, SPEC, random traveling, ordinations, and "see you laters". Each one requires a specific post, but for now, I will just share my BAYA thoughts from last week.

I was sitting in a conference on perinatal health in the state of Hawaii and the presenter was sharing his thoughts on how it's important to have good health even before getting pregnant, and the one thing that was interesting to me (besides that women should see their dentist before and during pregnancy) was this idea of relational resilience. The context was for women to have "meaning, find a purpose in life, and have a circle of friends who support them" before becoming a parent. So that when stress in every day life reaches it's peak, there is a way to diffuse it. I googled this idea and found some research on child development, so you teachers/parents out there may have already heard about this.

But being more resilient is a product of BAYA for me. My relationships with this group makes me stronger, gives me courage, feel loved, accepted, and challenges me to be better. It's kind of like a song I've heard, Pride of Lions by Chad Elliott. ( #9) Hmmm, he's got something there, doesn't he?

I don't know the exact ingredients that one can put into building these types of relationships, but common themes are fun, service, and worship. And I'm not just talking about the Sunday stuff. For me the worship happened at Pt. Reyes, up in Redmond, Oregon for Turkey Day, praying with me when my stress reached its max during residency, enjoying Fall at the pumpkin patch, hanging with the Homework Club crew (and the after parties), and meeting for dinner/dessert last minute because we just need to debrief the day. Scoop anyone? I suppose this group became my family, and for that I'm grateful.

Mahalo, BAYA, for all the good times and the ones to come.

Monday, May 05, 2008

2008 Point Reyes Trip

BAYA 2008 Point Reyes Trip
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I think that one of the strengths of BAYA is the diversity of activities that we engage in. You get a taste of the many different things that end up being done under a "BAYA Banner" by looking at this blog, and this allows for lots of people to jump into a random adventure that we have... according to what might fit them. Our Point Reyes backpacking trip is one of my favorites.

For the past two years I have missed this excursion, and so this year I was very excited not to let another year (this is the 5th year in a row for the trip) go with just a comment on a blog post about "wishing I was there..."

I would have missed out on: tasty energy drinks hiking in... raccoon snugglin... night time walks... lots of laughs... near perfect weather... new gear... hills... I mean HILLS... lovely horses (and their riders... which seemed a bit comparable to what they left behind)... a mouse in the house (and the brave souls who battled it... and lost)... friendly neighbors (and the mental health of their pets)... hot chocolate that shouldn't be street legal... waterfall showers... sweet camp music (a little too much treble)... stories galore (when was that year again?)... noisy gophers... dew-down-pours... more hills... a little bit older, a little bit sorer... tired tasty lunch... and of course THE SCOOP.

Thank you all for the conversations, the laughs, and the quiet moments that seemed as though we were collectively soaking it all in... life so sweet. It is a "church service" that I have missed the past two years, and I am so glad to have shared in it this time around. I most certainly gained strength this weekend to take into the challenges and changes ahead.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A BAYA Birthday

One of the things BAYA does best is celebrate birthdays. Remember when you had big birthday parties as a kid, with themes, and fancy cakes? Well, the BAYA birthday celebrations are thought of with nearly the same anticipation, only with a shorter planning time & better gifts including 'healthy' chocolate bars, sugar free girl scout cookies, and an 'easy' button!

Beach Chalet restaurant was the location of this recent birthday bash. Happy Birthday, Skippy!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday Ride

Mike Seagraves joined Skippy on a ride yesterday in Sacramento (BAYA-East). Skippy is doing the "70.3 Triathlon" in Kona, Hawaii on May 31st. Yes, the title of the race is the actual distance, in MILES, not feet. It's a half-Ironman. Since we've decided to live there starting in September, he's just getting a head start on the climate change from the Bay area.

Yes, I tried to sneak that one in there- because to be honest, I just can't think about "leaving" BAYA. So, we're moving not leaving. There, that makes me feel better. Skippy and I are going to create a BAYA-West location for us to gather and celebrate all things BAYA: new jobs, Thanksgivings, birthdays w/ PiƱatas, weddings (uhem, you know who you are), and of course random occasions that just need celebrations.

For other CofC YA's check out this link.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Oh, What A Night!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to celebrate my birthday, Jersey style. I can't really describe BAYA birthdays without mentioning Pinatas, but musicals are also a fun way to go if pinatas are unavailable. The show was awesome! I highly recommend it to anyone who likes that's pretty much everyone, right?!

Diablo and Trish, thanks for my heartfelt birthday card- but we know it was Seth using Photoshop on himself for the front of the card ;-)

S&S, thanks for my diner dinner. It was superb. And djjazzy, you're pretty awesome for driving all the way in to the city for the celebration! Thanks for coming.

Hope you're all (most of you) having a blast in Bend. If you're not in Bend, Happy Thanksgiving where ever you are in this world. BAYA, I want pics of what we're missing this know, Smith rock with Ernie, watching the classic music know what one I'm talking about..and ladies, enjoy your R&R at the spa. (so jealous!)



Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween 2007!

Last weekend about 30 neighbors gathered for a community Halloween Party in Novato.

We played games...

carved pumpkins...

dressed in costume (princess di saying hello to the 'sleeping bag')

and had superhero wrestling matches with the 'sleeping bag'.

Good times, BAYA! All the hard worked paid off and it was a great event. Well done!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

BAYA & the Scoop

BAYA & the Scoop
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Being in Iowa I have had to be a distant member of BAYA the past year or so... but I never feel very far away from this group of people. I have played with them, worshiped with them, and been in service with them (sometimes all at one time). Tonight I got to celebrate my 30th Birthday with them. There are many transitions going on in the BAYA universe right now... and that is both scary and exciting. It is scary because what has been so good to me over the past few years is changing. However, it is exciting because the strength that has been created out of the BAYA energy is feeding so many different things. We have each been given a beautiful gift that is ours to hold, use, lean on, and cherish for ever. I love that, and feel so blessed by it. I am such a better person because of these people... I am so thankful for each unique gift that has been given to me because I chose to be a part of this group (and give my own energy).

BAYA... you have blessed my life... and I thank you.